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Work-A-Matic Bandsaw

Model SXC

Self feeding Bandsaw

The Dake Work-A-Matic vertical bandsaw is a gravity feed saw that allows for hands-free operation.

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Model Number SXC
Part Number 988040 988040
Horsepower 1 1
Voltage 110V, Single Phase 110V, Single Phase
Blade width ¼”-¾” 6.35 - 19.05 mm
Blade length 120" 3,0148.00 mm
Blade speed 70/140/270/540 fpm 21/43/82/165 mpm
Blade Travel 9" 228.6 mm
Band wheels number 2 2
Band wheels size 14" diameter 355.6 mm diameter
Mitering 45° 45°
Maximum work height 14-1/2" 368.3 mm
Work table dimensions 29" x 18" 736.6 x 457.2 mm
Worktable tilt Fixed Fixed
Worktable height 36-1/2" 927.1 mm
Machine height 66" 1,676.40 mm
Machine floor space 29” x 40” 736.60 x 1,016.00 mm
Weight 810 lbs 367.41 kg


  • Gravity feed. The blade feeds into the material by gravity, which allows for hands-free operation.

  • Fast set up. Effortless changes between a cut off saw, contour saw and rip saw. Fast set up makes it ideal for production.

  • Low voltage controls with thermal overload and E-stop for emergency stop and start situations.

  • Frame and base are heavy duty welded steel for rigidity. Built to handle the toughest environments.

  • Variable feed rate system with hydraulic feed regulator that features a convenient front mounted flow control valve.

  • Four blade speeds and infinitely adjustable blade pressure.

Model Options

  • 716725 - Heavy Duty Locking Caster Set

  • 76867 - Work Lamp

  • 301750 - 3 TPI Bi-metal Blade

  • 300548 - 6-8 TPI Bi-metal Blade

Standard Equipment

  • C-Clamp Assembly

  • One Standard Blade

  • Steel Base

  • Cutting Chart

  • Head Lock

  • Miter Gauge

  • Hydraulic Feed Control