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Our original 75 Ton Dake has already gone thru 3 generations & still going strong. Keep up the good work!

Knight Manufacturing Co. Waterbury, CT

I had to stop and write you to thank you for the information on my Dake press!! You have diagnosed my problem perfectly! After packing the seal with grease the press works great. I just recently had this taken apart to straighten out the rod that goes into the pump. So thank you again for your help!! I will be calling on your company exclusively in the future to get the seal kit and the "rebuild ". THANKS AGAIN!!

Tom Hawk Troy, MI

After having the pleasure of working with Dake tools for our Xtreme fabrication builds and knowing we could rely on them to meet our tight production deadlines, the choice was simple to outfit my personal shop with Dake as well.

Jessie Combs How to Build Everything/Xtreme 4x4/All Girls Garage

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I am the proud owner of a very old Johnson Model J band saw. I called your parts department and gave the description of my part. You had both items in stock! I received the parts the next day via UPS and my saw is again running great! I would like to express my thanks to your company for making a great product and providing excellent service. If this saw EVER wears out, I will gladly buy another Dake/Johnson!

James Winn Sierra Machining & MFG., LLC

I just received my new Dake 250 Cold Saw this week! From ordering to delivery it was an astonishing 3 days. The Dake 250 was inspected upon delivery and was immediately put to work. I burned through 200 feet of 1x1 angle iron so fast I was almost in tears. Before I used a chop saw for this and it left nasty burrs and made a huge mess all over the place. The Dake 250 cut through this angle iron like butter and left the edges burr free. I now use the Dake 250 for all my cuts in the shop. This is my first Cold saw purchase and it has already paid for itself due to the increased cutting capacity.

Rich Upland, CA

I have just acquired a Dake 50 Ton Press that is approximately 50 years old. I am extremely impressed with the quality of this piece of equipment and how it has held up at the hands of non-owner's in my home shop. This press will last another 50 years to be passed on to someone else that appreciates USA made tools and equipment.

Francis Calvert

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